Eggcup Cottage Ware Price Kensington England Egg Cup 1950s Kitsch

SKU: 5360-004

  • $18.00

This is a bucket or hoop shape vintage 1940s cottage ware egg cup made by Price Brothers Price Kensington, England in the 1940s. The egg cup is hand painted and measures 2.25 inches high. The cottageware eggcup is in very good +++ condition with no chips or cracks and minor wear. Cottage ware eggcups are so cute and so difficult to find! Perfect for your cottage boiled breakfast eggs or for Easter eggs.

type: eggcup, egg cup

date: 1940s

manufacturer: Price Kensington

country: England

material: ceramic

color: white/brown/green

size: 2.25 inches high

very good +++ used vintage condition with no chips or cracks and minor wear

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