Royal Doulton Plate Ingoldsby Legends Noke 1910s Jackdaw Of Rheims

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This is a large Royal Doulton, England plate featuring the Jackdaw Of Rheims in their series ware plates from the Ingoldsby Legends from the 1910s.

The plate is number 15 in the series the quote: And Off That Terrible Curse He Took. The Jackdaw of Rheims is one of the Ingoldsby Legends, a series of tales written by Richard Harris Barham in 1840 and is about a Jackdaw who steals the Cardinal's ring but returns it when he suffers from a curse put on the thief. The Jackdaw then becomes so pious he becomes a saint.

 The plate was designed by Charles Nokes in 1905 and is number D2532.

The large plate or charger and measures 10.75 inches in diameter and is so decorative.

The plate is in very good +++ used vintage condition with no chips or cracks.

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