Necklace Earrings George V Threepence Salt Spoons Sterling Silver Barley Twist 1920s Rope Chain

SKU: 11193-S

  • $128.00

This is a wonderful and unusual set of English handmade genuine 1920s three pence coin necklace and earrings made from sterling silver salt spoons with a barley twist handles.

The coin used to make the pendant is a hallmarked English three pence coin featuring the profile of king George V on a Diamond cut sterling silver rope chain dating measuring 20 inches long.

The salt spoon pendant measures 2.25 inches long and the bowl of the spoon is .65 of an inch in diameter.  The three pence coin was made by The Royal Mint.

The earrings match and have stainless steel pierced ear hooks with rubber back stops for security.

The sterling silver genuine coin pendant necklace and earrings are in excellent condition with normal wear.

A neat set of nostalgia and history and a great OOAK recycled revival as fashion jewelry! 

silver weight: each spoon weighs approximately 3.8 grams of sterling silver so the set weighs approximately 17 grams of sterling silver with the sterling silver chain.

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