Ornate Bowl Hoare Brilliant Crystal Bowl Gorham Sterling Silver Rim Book Piece 1897

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This is an antique ornate salad bowl, fruit bowl or console bowl in American Brilliant Cut, or ABC lead crystal made by the Hoare Crystal and Glass Co in conjunction with Gorham Silver Company of USA.

The bowl measures 9 inches in diameter by 4 inches high and has a hallmarked sterling silver beaded rim. 

The hallmarks are the Gorham marks of G lion anchor S2806 followed by the trident dating to the 1890s.

The bowl was cut by Hoare Crystal and Glass Co, USA in 1897 and is pictured on page 115 of the book American Cut and Engraved Glass of the Brilliant Period by Martha Louise Swan.

The cut pattern is described as "Subdued and dignified in a tailored style reminiscent of Dorflinger's Mitre and Silver Diamond pattern". Pointed arches raise up with hobstars and crosshatching in between the points on the bowl. Inside the hobstars is the cutting pattern called Russian. Exclusively used by Hoare also present is vertically cut parallel lines running up to the sterling silver applied rim.

The large ABC Brilliant Cut bowl is in very good +++ used vintage condition with a normal wear pattern on the bottom and a few TINY facet chips.

A beautiful piece and elegant example of Brilliant period cut glass and the outstanding workmanship of Hoare.

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