Antique Fairing Match Holder Striker Boy In Dad's Boots 1880s Victorian

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This is an antique porcelain fairing or carnival prize that was made in Germany 1880-1890s and is a match striker and match holder depicting a boy trying on his father's boots.

The other boot holds the matches and the striker is on the back of the base.

The fairing match holder or match striker measures 6 inches high by 3.25 inches wide by 2.5 inches deep, is hand painted and has the incised number 171 over 3226. It was unmistakably made in Germany, in the Ebogen region which has now become the Czech Republic and by Springer and Oppenheimer.

I brought it home from England recently. The fairing is in very good +++ used vintage condition with little paint loss. The boy is in very good +++ condition but the tip of his thumb was broken off long ago.

An excellent example of Victorian utilitarian ornament, love of children and whimsy.