Chrome Eggcups With Lids Cozies Wool Liners Pair Boxed Vintage Kozy Kraft 1930s

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This is an unusual pair of chrome plated eggcups or egg cups with lids or cozies and celluloid bases and finials with fitted wool liners to keep your boiled eggs warm as they travel down the chilly corridors from the servant's quarters to the breakfast room.

The boxed set of eggcups and cosies were made by Kosy Kraft, England 1920-1930s.

Each egg cup measures 4 inches high by 2.25 in diameter. The eggcups and cozies are in mint condition but the box, I am sorry to say is not. The box has been broken long ago and taped in several different decades and is now apart again. But the big prize are the eggcups which are in perfect condition, so practical and so rarely seen.