Citrine Teardrop Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver Omega Chain 1990s Faceted 4 Carat

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The Citrine, which weighs approximately 4 carats, is a tear drop shape, mounted in a sterling silver cone.

The stone is a rich golden color and fully faceted. The pendant is 1 inch high by just over 1/2 of an inch wide, and stone is approximately 12mm from the cap edge to the base of the stone by 12mm wide by 6mm thick.

Citrine is a healing stone, wards off negativity and encourages optimism and cleansing or recharging the spirit.

type: necklace with pendant, pendant necklace Citrine teardrop, sterling silver chain and pendant

material: marked Sterling Silver,  Sterling Silver chain, genuine @ 4 carat Citrine, sterling silver Omega chain

date:  1997

country:  USA

condition: excellent used vintage condition