Horse Brass Horsehead In Horsehoe Heraldic Crest Souvenir 1930s Pub Brass

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  • $10.00

This souvenir horse brass measures 3.5 inches high by 3 inches across and depicts a heraldic horse head in a horseshoe which is a reproduction of an older horse brass with someone's crest which I can't identify.

This is a horse brass made for the tourist trade in the 1930-1940s and is a reproduction of an older brass. Horse brasses originated during the 17th century to decorate and identify draft horses.

Horse brasses are a popular collectible today. In England they decorate the beams of pubs and hang by the fireplace in homes, and I have seen them used as Christmas tree ornaments by my horse loving friends!


type: horse brass, pub brass, wall hanging, ornament, wall decor, pub brass

date: 1930-1940s

country: England

material: cast brass

size: 3.5 inches high by 3 inches wide

color: gold

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