Jumbo Evesham Egg Coddler Royal Worcester Maxime Plum Currants 1980s Fruit Theme Rare

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This is a Royal Worcester, England porcelain egg coddler in the Maxime or largest jumbo size, and now discontinued, and very hard to find!

The 4 egg size Maxime egg coddler is in the Evesham pattern with cherries, plums and currants.

The egg coddler was made in the 1970s.

The egg coddler measures 5.25 inches high to the top ring by 3.65 in diameter and is in excellent used vintage condition with no chips, cracks or wear and looks as if it were never used.

The Maxime size was used to do several eggs or heat individual portion leftovers.

Egg coddlers cook your eggs or leftovers in boiling water, and apparently heat food for babies as well.

A recipe will be included.