Lacemaking Bobbin Fancy Beads Spangles 1870s Bedford Pillow Lace Treen Antique Beads

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This is an antique lace making bobbin of turned wood or treen with antique glass beads made in Bedfordshire, England n the East Midlands style 1850-1870s.

The lace making bobbin for so called pillow lace or cushion lace making is made of Mahogany and measures 4.5 inches long.

The antique glass bead spangles are a brown, green and white round swirl bead, 2 rounded square textured pink beads, 4 flat round clear textured beads and a copper ornament with rings, that I don't know the use for.

The beads are old and hand made glass and the bobbin is beautifully turned with a remnant of thread still attached. Lovely!