Motto Ware Cream And Sugar Blue Mottoware Unusual Color Art Deco Design

SKU: 5144-080

  • $28.00

This is an unusual color mottoware, motto ware or Devon ware cream or creamer and sugar basin or bowl of red clay with leaf motifs in a variant of the art deco Jazz pattern, a blue glaze and a sgraffito motto dating to 1910-1920s probably from Longpark or Hele Cross, Torquay Devon.

The cream jug measures 2 .78 inches high and the motto is Du'ee Be Aisy. The sugar basin measures 3.75 inches in diameter by 2 inches high and the motto reads Du'ee Ave Zum Sugar.

 Both the sugar and creamer are in very good ++ used vintage condition with 2 tiny fleabites through the glaze on the rim of the sugar basin and 2 manufacturing flaws on the back of the creamer. A great and unusual find

 This famous and fun pottery has been manufactured in the south of England from the 1870s until the factories closed in the 1960s. It is usually of red clay decorated with bright glazes, cottages and mottos or sayings that run the gamut from proverbs and sound advice to nearly outrageous. Always fun and different and very collectible!

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