Pie Funnel Figural Homepride Fred The Flour Grader Ceramic England Vent Original Box 1965-1970s

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This is an original ceramic Homepride Fred pie vent, pie bird or pie funnel from England that was available from 1970-1974 by mail in England with a coupon from Homepride bread. The figural pie funnel, of the character Homepride Fred is from the ads for Homepride bread and flour whose cartoon character has been used on British TV to advertise Spiller's Homepride bread and flour products with his slogan "Because graded grains make finer flour". A advertising character icon!

Homepride Fred is made of glazed ceramic, measures 4 inches high and has a hole in the top of his hat to let out steam. The pie funnel or pie vent is in excellent used vintage condition in his original box.

Pie birds were developed in the 1500s to release steam from a baking pie so the filling didn't boil over. He is SOOO cute with a cheeky grin! Rarely seen and hard to find!


type: Pie Funnel, Kitchen Gadget, Pie vent, baking vent, advertising character

character: Homepride Fred the Flour Grader

manufacturer: Amgelt for Spiller Foods Homepride Bread

country: England

date: 1965-1970s

material: ceramic, cardstock

color: cream/black

size: 4 inches high

Fred is in excellent used vintage condition...may have a bit of pie on the bottom of his feet! The box has some wear as shown in photos.