Souvenir Cup 1851 Crystal Palace Exhibition Victoria And Albert Rare Survivor

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This is an extremely rare porcelain cup made as a souvenir of the Victorian 1851 Crystal Palace Great Exhibition in London, England.

The famous Crystal Conservatory was an engineering marvel designed by Prince Albert.

The porcelain cup measures 2.75 inches high by 2.75 inches in diameter and features an all hand painted and decorated black and white depiction of the Crystal Conservatory, flags and gold overlay leaves and trim. 

The exhibition was opened by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and showcased the new wonders of the industrial age and the glories of the empire. 

The cup probably originally had a saucer as well, but...The cup has an old hairline. If I were from 1851 I'd hope that was all I had! The pattern has almost no wear except a bit of gold wear on the cup rim. 

A wonderful and historical survivor.