Staffordshire Dog Pair Hounds Ceramic Hand Painted 1920s Nostalgic Decor

SKU: 6833-129

  • $48.00

This is a pair of English Staffordshire hounds or hunting dogs with either or pup or prey, I can't tell which, that were made in England in the 1920s as copies of the original 19th century dogs.

These are now collectible on their own, although not the 19th century versions, and were probably fairings or carnival prizes.

The hand painted Staffordshire figurine dogs measure 5 inches high by 5.5 long by 2 wide each, are in the flat back form, and are in excellent used vintage condition with no chips, cracks or wear.

Very decorative and not nearly so expensive as the originals.

A wonderfully nostalgic English decor item. Cool!

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