Treen Lace Bobbin Birth Of Prince William 1982 Glass Beads Turned Treen Beads Spangles

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This is a fabulous treen or turned wood lace bobbin that has the added appeal of being a piece of British Royal memorabilia commemorating the Royal birth in 1982 of Prince William of Wales, oldest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana or Princess Di.

The hand made turned wood lace making shuttle or bobbin used in making bobbin lace (what a surprise!) measures 5 inches long, has graduated yellow glass beads and has a dedication in the folk art called Pyrography or wood burning.

The inscription has been done with a hot needle or stylus which indents the lettering and colors the wood as it oxidizes.

The dedication says The Royal Birth Of Prince William Of Wales June 21, 1982. The inscription can be felt as well as seen.

This is a wonderful cross collectible for fans of royal memorabilia as well as sewing collectibles.

I have included a photo of bobbins being used from a lace website.

The lace bobbin is in excellent, mint condition.

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