Victorian Spill Vase Pair Fairing Boy Girl Souvenir German 1870s Mantle Decor

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This is an antique pair of vases or spill vases to hold flowers or paper match tapers or spills made during the Victorian era from 1870-1890.

The pair of souvenir vases could also be classed as fairings, meaning given out as a prize at a fair or fete and are definitely Victorian English souvenir items.

The antique Victorian spill vases measure 5.5 inches high by 3.75 inches wide by 2.25 inches deep with sponged gold trim.

They bear the inscription A Present From Margate which is a seaside resort in Kent, England, in gold Victorian script.

The spill vase pair depicts a couple, a girl and a boy, sitting on a fence under a tree. They boy and girl have some paint wear and there are several really tiny unoticeable chips on the points of the tree fronds.

There is a number 7447 incised under glaze on the back of the boy which usually denotes one of the German factories.

The spill vase pair have well concealed firing holes on the hips of the figures which denote a quality pottery.