Walking Ware Mug Queen Elizabeth II 1977 Silver Jubilee Black Shoes Carlton Ware Rare

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This is a Walking Ware mug made by Carlton Ware, England to commemorate the 1977 Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, and the mug is executing a bow in honor of Her Majesty.

The iconic royal memorablilia mug has black shoes and blue and white striped socks. 

The front of the mug has a crown and dedication in metallic gold.

The mug measures 4.25 inches high and is 3 inches in diameter.

The royal Walking Ware mug is original and has the Carlton Ware mark. The mug is in very good +++ used vintage condition with no chips or cracks or wear.

The older Walking Ware eggcups are very difficult to find, and several companies formed in the 1980-1990s to copy them under different names, but this is an original Carlton Ware Walking Ware mug.

The walking ware mug is the slightest bit tippy on it's feet, which is often the case with the bowing Walking Ware mugs.

I LOVE it!

They are extremely difficult to find...a real royal memorabilia treasure!