Silver Coin Bracelet Coins King George V Silver Threepenny Bits 1915-1935 England

SKU: 5403-S

  • $88.00

This is a wonderful bracelet made from 16 silver English threepenny bits or coins dating from the reign of King George V of England dated between 1915-1935 and one from the reign of his son King George VI dated 1942.

This covers the both world wars!

The bracelet features the King's profile on the front of each coin.

The bracelet measures 8.25 inches long and 1.25 inches wide.

King George V reigned from 1911 to 1936.

I bought this at the weekly trade antiques market at Covent Garden, London England.

A wonderful piece of British history, and a fun and one of a kind silver bracelet!.

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