Anniversary Of The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on 2 June 1953

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June 2nd is the anniversary of the day Queen Elizabeth 2 was crowned Queen of England in 1953...

 The queen followed her father King George VI to the throne...and George never expected to be king...actually was not pleased about it...

but became king by default when his older brother Edward VIII abdicated the throne to marry American twice divorced Wallis Simpson...

King George VI died at the Sandringham estate on February 6th, 1952 while Princess Elizabeth was undertaking a royal visit for her father with her husband Prince Philip....who had to inform her that she was now queen.



And the Queen, now the longest lived and longest reigning British monarch after surpassing the previous holder of that title, her great, great grandmother Queen Victoria, in September 2015,

and long may she reign!

Her Majesty is in isolation at Windsor Castle in obedience to government health advisories to those over 70. Her Majesty is 94.

Yesterday sho was seen out riding in Windsor Great Park, something she has loved doing all her life, but without her usual companion beside her due to social distancing.

Well done Ma'am!

 Wedgwood 1953 Coronation teapot...

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