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The first week in March is British Pie Week...

I'm all for that!


And that encompasses everything from pasties... hand pies also called Cornish pasties for their development in Cornwall to be easily taken my workers down the mines there...

 Love this great illustration of poultry and game pies from the 1860s from Mrs. Beetons Book Of Household Management...

our choices are much simpler... going to chicken and bacon, shepherd's and cottage pies, with an occasional pork pie thrown in from Parker's Pies... although shipping is a bit stiff for perishables... we had an order in for the holidays though...


 March has arrived, and it was indeed a windy beginning... just like this March illustration from a set of fashion prints... one per month from 1749, now at The British Museum... love it!


Are you a collector?

Lots of folks are, and in the UK when my husband was small, he had a train spotting book and collected engine numbers with his father.

The above set is Holidays In Britain from Churchman cigarettes.


Another big area was collecting the cards that came in boxes to tea... called tea cards... of course! The designs were various, and you could send away for an album to fill in and complete the set...


This is a full set of 40 Olympic Greats Brooke Bond tea cards from 1979... so of course, no one we can expect to see competing in the upcoming Olympics...


More cigarette cards. These are by Churchman Cigarettes and are locomotives.

So... many subjects, and there are a lot of folks who used to say what they knew about a certain subject came from their tea cards or cigarette cards! Educational hobbies!

Not maybe the best hobby for health...bugging your dad for more cigarette purchases to complete your set, but then... who knew?!



Have a lovely week!

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