Easter Week Maundy Thursday in the age of Corvid-19

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Thuesday of Easter week in the Christian calendar, Maundy Thursday is celebrated, and is always on Queen Elizabeth's calendar....

except this year. Due to the coronavirus, or corvid-19 and social distancing, especially for the soon-to-be 94 year old Queen, has cancelled the annual tradition...

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this year accompanied by Princess Eugenie, daughter of Prince Andrew, this year at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.


 Part of the tradition is handing our pouches of coins to pensioners... one man and woman for each year of the Queen's age.

In 2019, 93 men and 93 women...

In 2020 it would have been 94... unless it will still be gifted without the usual ceremony, and so sad for those who would have otherwise been able to meet the Queen...


The money in the White Purse includes 1, 2, 3 and 4 silver penny pieces, the sum equals the number of years of the Monarch’s age.

The red purse contains a 5 pound coin minted to commemorative the 200th birthday of Queen Victoria, and amusingly a 50p coins commemorating Sherlock Holmes... :)

Maundy Thursday, the fifth day of Holy Week is in remembrance of the sharing of the Last Supper with his disciples before Christ's death on Good Friday.

The origins of the ceremony come from the commandment Christ gave after washing his disciples' feet, where according to the Bible, he told them to "love one another as I have loved you".

Historically, it has involved handing out food and clothing and cleaning the poor.

Ever since coming to the throne in 1952 the Queen has carried out 

the tradition.

2012 in York...

 2017 in Leicester

Hopefully, we will see her back to the usual commemoration in 2021.


On Sunday, April 5th the Queen made a rare address about the virus...

which you can view on the bbc website at this link:



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