Happy Birthday Wedgwood! 261 Years Old

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In 1759 on May 1st, Josiah Wedgwood opened his pottery and he began making his name something recognized around the world.


Wedgwood became synonymous with quality table ware and home decor... and is famous for transferware, majolica, jasperware and Queens Ware...the latter created by them.

This is a tray of sample colours for jasperware created in 1773 by Josiah Wedgwood as he perfected the material. This I took at the Wesgwood museum, called the World Of Wedgwood, in Barlaston just outside of Stoke-on-Trent where the pottery started...

 Here are scenes around the museum...






The Museum collection was almost dispersed in 2012 when undergoing financial difficulties, but saved by public and private donations in 2014.

Wedgwood, which had be joined into WWRD or Waterford Wedgwood Royal Doulton in 1989. 

in 2015 WWRD was acquired by Fiskars, Finland and is still owned and operated by them. The lines have shrunk, changed and in 2019 word came that the museum was again under threat.

With the virus situation, I have little hope it can survive as it was expected to be able to support itself with visitors.



We used to visit every year when we were in England for a month on a buying trip, and the World Of Wedgwood was always visitied for a day...either by ourselves or with relatives and friends. We loved watching the workers at work.


Queen Elizabeth visiting the pottery in 1953 after her coronation...




















Above are some of the various items at Time Was Antiques from Wedgwood over the ages...

I am certainly hoping the Museum, and Wedgwood pottery itself long continues...

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