Shelley China Landscapes to Start A New Year!

Posted by Ruth Weston on

I absolutely love Shelley China. Shelley closed in 1966 and is the focus of collecting societies in the USA, England and Australia and I am a member of all of them. The designs of Shelley are popular for many reasons. But in my opinion, the landscape designs are the most under appreciated ares of Shelley collecting.

Shelley landscape designs include Glorious Devon, Woodland, Surrey Scenery, Bluebell Woods, England's Charm and many others. One of my favorite is the Woodland design cup and saucer that is pictured here. The design was manufactured in several shapes and sizes in it's long history until the pottery closed in 1966.

I love England and the scenery is one of the reasons I do. This could be taken from any number of places from around the English countryside. When we used go annually for a buying trip, we always spent 1 week out of the month in some part of the country we are re-visiting or have never been, and choose for scenery more than anything. Then, of course, it's check the local papers for church fetes, antique fairs and car boot sales!

Just looking at Shelley's landscape designs is a mini trip to England for me and always bring a smile to my face.

To see more of Shelley's landscape or scenic designs... or any other Shelley we might currently have... check this link to Time Was Antiques or click on the photos.

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